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Here’s something for everyone! A biography of a lost pioneer of the fast food industry: Richard “Dick” Naugle. A historical reference that examines the beginning of drive-thru restaurants, including Del Taco and Naugles. The book is filled with contrarian business beliefs along with how personal life can EFFECT business decisions. Personal stories are interjected for a touch of humor. How has the Power of INFLUENCE EFFECTED your life? A turbulent life with its ups and downs is revealed, ending with a touching story of redemption.

Starting work at an early age and from the start exposed to an icon of the fast food industry in Southern California, Bill Naugle began his life washing dishes, sweeping floors, and picking up trash in parking lots. Having worked his way through various levels of management, he migrated from restaurant, to finance, to outside sales of construction products, including becoming an ADA specialist, to finally a successful seller of new homes in the Austin, Texas area. Bill Naugle has taken the time to sit down, share some knowledge, and compile this work from documentation imparted to him by his grandfather: Dick Naugle.

About the Author | Bill Naugle