Naugles, Inc. is a Texas Corporation formed by William ‘Bill’ Naugle, grandson of the late Richard ‘Dick’ Marion Naugle.

This website and/or any social media pages are not in anyway affiliated with any restaurant or franchise bearing the Naugles name. in Texas or any other state.

Naugles, Inc, a Texas corporation and Bill Naugle are simply committed to preserving and telling the history and heritage of Dick Naugle, one of the most successful American Restaurant Pioneers and Businessmen in the Fast Food Service Industry.

The true preservation of not only his influence, but charitable acts are being fully represented and will continue to be expanded by his only grandson- William Richard Naugle.

Bill Naugle has been the sole owner of the Naugles.com website since 2004 and has acquired the Naugles.org website in 2017. Family heritage will be stored and maintained on both of these websites for future generations.

Rusticbynicho.com and rusbn.com are the property of Nicholas Naugle, great grandson of Dick Naugle.