Family Secrets including Dicks Original Redsauce are Hidden No More!

This is the formal announcement! Coming Soon!
No! Not coming soon— It is here and ready to go now!

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Starting with a favorite, we serve up- Dicks Original redsauce.

A tried and true favorite of the original Del Taco and Naugles Drive thru Fast Food Restaurants. The tasty reminder of the “Good Ol’ Days!” Yes, it is Dicks Original redsauce.

And yes, it is still prepared by Bill Naugle. Bill is one of the people given the responsibility for mixing the spices in the early days. The spices are mixed and then the spice is packaged for delivery to the individual units in Southern California.

Finally upon arrival at the restaurants, the spice converts into a mild red sauce. Then the spice mixes together with other ingredients. Once complete, the sauce is immediately packaged fresh for the customer on a daily basis.

In the end, the popular sauce tops an American Taco or Burrito.

Most of all, the customers are unaware of the careful planning and handling of the redsauce. Nor are they truly understanding of the history behind the sauce.

Furthermore most people are not contemplating the many other applications for the sauce.

Recent Testimonials

It is great on Pizza.

Well Bill, what about spaghetti—NO DOUBT?

Dicks Original redsauce adds flavor to just about any dish you can think up?

Here are a couple recent testimonials:

Being hesitant to your enthusiasm, I prepared a meal on the BBQ, pouring the sauce on top of a salmon burger- WOW! Bill S.

Naugle’s response, “No more samples for you—LOL! Time to buy.”

My 9 year old insists on having every morning on his eggs. Mandy M.

Result- One of our first monthly subscribers—

A New Dicks Original redsauce. Fan!

Both of these families never heard of the company or family in the past!

As samples disappear, the results have been outstanding! Just like days gone by! Well, maybe thanks to Bill Naugle, they are NOT GONE, but resurrected.

Side Benefit

The redsauce recipe is specifically designed, so the user is not adding salt or pepper to the dish. Go ahead, be bold and toss out the salt and pepper shakers!

Other Dicks Original sauce recipes are coming soon. Please sign-up for notifications of new releases and various packaging options available.

Lost Flavors from the Past

Dick Naugle’s redsauce. was developed and tested during his years of service with the Army and Air Force Exchange Service. As he watches and evaluates the eating habits of service members, he makes copious notes. As meals are served, speed and quality is of the utmost importance. So here, we are not talking about one or two people or customers at a time. We talk about hundreds, if not thousands served at one time. Especially relevant is the amount of food served in a very short period of time.

Managers mock Dick Naugle as he rifles through the trash. Why so? If food was wasted or not eaten, then he wants to know why? Because it is important?

As sauces are being tested and modified, he has the ability to make slight tweaks to his recipes. As Dick Naugle used to state, “I know I have it right, when nothing hits the trash!”

Here is a photo of the original recipe box.

Back in the day, a great sauce could highlight any dish with Spam as the main ingredient. And no, Naugles never serves Spam- LOL!

Ladle It On!

Simply stated, the logo say’s it all—

Dicks Original redsauce is not only good for individual items or dishes, but is great as a marinade. Yes, use the redsauce liberally not only on beef, but fish, pork, chicken, turkey and even vegetables.

So Ladle It On!

No Preservatives

So Dicks Original redsauce is prepared fresh, just the way Dick Naugle wants it.

Upon receipt of your order, please refrigerate to insure freshness. For longest possible shelf life, do not leave at room temperature or hotter, unless you plan to use it all or are ladling it on.

The jar should last a month, if properly taken care of, as Dick Naugle did for the customers.

The redsauce follows the following steps:

  • 1- Sauce is properly mixed and blended- Dick Naugles Way.
  • 2- Then the final spice packet is shelved for a period of time to cure.
  • 3- Once cured, we properly mix it and instantly package it for delivery to the customer.

What makes the recipe special?

First it is a proven, time-tested and a true winner.

Then Dick Naugle blends the spices a certain way and mixes them together in a unique fashion. Then Dicks Original redsauce spice stores for the right amount of time as to enhance the flavors in a cohesive fashion. And after mixing on the stove for the right amount of time, voila! It is ready to use, package and ship.

Being Dicks Original redsauce, there is no need to reverse engineer the product from the back of a food truck!

Most noteworthy, these sauces are complete. So, no spice packages you shake onto your dish!

Ladle it on or just pour it on, whichever suits you fancy.

Coming Soon!

Currently, we are getting requests for larger packaging sizes of Dicks Original redsauce! It is going to happen. Email at for any special request!

Meat sauce- the final lab testing of the meat sauce is complete. Also packaging is finalizing. No more buying crummy little packages of spice and then having it stick to the pan. Just think what happens to your stomach. Your tummy will prefer a nicely blended ground beef, turkey, chicken or whatever you choose to mix in with it!

And the highly anticipated Green sauce—oh yes! It is on the way too. All the original Dick Naugle secret recipes from the restaurant and from his past are IN THE WORKS!

Seems like no one knows about the enchilada sauce— Oops! Well, I guess the cat is out of the bag on this one!

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