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Long-lost Secrets Revealed of Fast Food Pioneer Dick Naugle

RIVERSIDE, Calif., Sept. 26, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Now available electronically on top retail bookseller Barnes & Nobles' online bookstore, this compelling business biography, The 'N' Effect tells the scintillating story of fast food pioneer Richard "Dick" Naugle. Naugle, who created the first "FAST" food Del [...]

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Naugles History | Wikipedia has Nothing

Naugles Fast Food History Based on Wikipedia, the Naugles built by Dick Naugle never exists. Well for the most part a lot of the Naugles Fast Food history is missing. And Dick Naugle is totally AWOL. Yet there is a video of the first Naugles [...]

Naugletacos vs Del Taco

Contact with Bill Naugle First of all, Naugletacos and Del Taco know exactly how to reach Bill Naugle- Author of this blog post. Furthermore please feel free to comment, send an email or leave a voicemail. #remembernaugles #naugletacos #naugles #nauglefans #deltacofans Most noteworthy in 2011, [...]

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