Contact with Bill Naugle

First of all, Naugletacos and Del Taco know exactly how to reach Bill Naugle- Author of this blog post. Furthermore please feel free to comment, send an email or leave a voicemail.

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Most noteworthy in 2011, Naugletacos blogger contacts Bill Naugle via email. Then Christian Ziebarth boldly stated, “he is going to restart Naugles.” So when asked if he had any previous restaurant experience or worked at a Naugles he said, ‘NO!’ There is a very brief email exchange. Anyway, said Naugletacos blogger makes no serious attempt to get the real story of Dick Naugle. Let alone, discuss the personal relationship Bill Naugle has with founder Dick Naugle. Consequently, he never gets the complete Real Naugle story.

Hence, dissemination of promotional materials with Dick Naugle slogans are handed out. As a result, slogans are misused and misunderstood in their current format. This information provides customers and potential investors Dick Naugle slogans without a proper point of reference.

In conclusion, Naugletacos is unaware of the true meanings behind Dick Naugle slogans. Therefore, there is a disconnect with Dick Naugle’s business philosophy or know how to apply it.

Information Received

Naugletacos blogger acquires and compiles some basic information from customers, ex-employees and distant family members. By distant, I mean family members who never work a day in a Del Taco or Naugles. Some folks remember the ‘Good Ol’ Days’. In addition they share some outside information and memories.

Most noteworthy with the announcement of the rebirth of the new restaurant, an aire of excitement exists. At the ‘Test Kitchen’ in Southern California, Naugle fans take photos with said blogger. This one fact is especially relevant. Dick Naugle never needs a test kitchen- EVER. He slept fast food and customer service. #fastfood

Hence, history is watered-down. The Real Naugle story and Wikipedia information needs updating. There are plenty of holes in the Wikipedia history. So the main goal is to provide and obtain pertinent facts. Also correct history. And post verifiable information and photos to “Right the Ship!”

Therefore, our main effort here is to address errors floating around on the Internet. Also immediately dispute errors as they arise.

Finally, the N effect is memoir of this lost pioneer- Dick Naugle!


the N Effect book

Why Fight?

Furthermore, Del Taco is fighting hard to keep the Naugle name. Why?

Well, Naugles is not well represented on their website. Furthermore Dick Naugle tenants are not shown within their concept anymore. Del Taco media department only scrounges up one photo for their website. Seems like the picture is of a sign post from one of the older high desert locations. As a result, the photo pictured is a horrible representation of Naugles. Let’s get real–Seriously butt ugly! Yes, Gramps is probably chuckling at this comment.

More than likely, the photo is obtained from an Internet search. But honestly, this is not a known fact. Also it is strange that Del Taco is not sharing the treasure trove of past history photos.

Maybe there is nothing else to offer?

In addition there is no mention of two of the three original founders. Dick Naugle is one founder. His likeness is nowhere on the Del Taco website. As a result, a printed copy of their current history representation is held for proof. Finally, this information is stored in an archive for ‘safe keeping.’ Also, it is shown on a corresponding podcast.

Finally, Bill Naugle still poses a question: Why is Del Taco fighting to keep the name?

In 2016, Naugletacos blogger touts his success in obtaining the NAUGLES trademark. Wikipedia posts this success over Del Taco in the lawsuit. Well, this information is not completely correct or updated. Bill Naugle has seen no publications, blog or PR documenting the current litigation. This blogger’s conclusion is that Del Taco is trying to keep the Naugle name in mothballs out of the fear of competition. So, what do you think?

Del Taco/Naugles Merger

In the 1990’s both Del Taco and Naugles fail under major debt-load. This is partially due to rapid expansion. GE Capital Financial Services heavily financed both Naugles and Del Taco. GE Capital ended up orchestrating the merger of the two companies.

Another loser in the collapse of these companies is Collins Foodservice. Collins Foodservice extends credit to the detriment of health of their distribution company. Most of all few stories about how the merger affected other companies are not readily available.

Yet for Naugletacos, is it not also important to provide full disclosure?

Full Disclosure

In addition, this post provides full disclosure.

January 2018, Bill Naugle emails Del Taco attorneys in Ohio. The intention is to find out if there is a sincere desire to get the Real Naugle story. After no serious contact, Bill Naugle realizes they never want the Real Story. There are no further serious contact attempts. Bill Naugle offers Del Taco a chance to communicate direct via email and they refuse. What a joke!

In turn, the attorneys for Del Taco respond and file a claim disputing the Naugles clothing trademark. What: Now they are selling clothing? Did Dick Naugle ever sell clothing? Seems like a reach! The Naugletacos blogger receives a separate trademark approval for marketing Naugles clothing. So why is there a need for a clothing trademark? And what is sold- good quality food or clothing?

This trademark dispute creates a complication for the Naugletacos blogger. Del Taco now muddies the water and drags out the litigation. The filings are public record available on And if there is a desire to review, a link is on this blog as a shortcut for you the reader.

Del Taco and the Naugletacos blogger legal filings are a matter of public record. See below- A sample provided below will save you time and is easily accessible for you to review.

See podcast below about this specific topic. Also there is a link at the bottom to share the opinion of a Real Naugle.

Original Family Recipes

Bill Naugle maintains all the family recipes. And they are closely held under lock and key. Bill Naugle works at the original 14th and Brockton location. Bill is responsible for mixing the spices for over 2 years for all Naugle locations at the ripe old age of 12.

Consequently, there is more information to follow about the family secret recipes.

Over the years, Bill Naugle works at Del Taco, too. Most of all, he watches the progression away from the original Dick Naugle Flavors. Bill Naugle keeps all the family recipes to himself. Even the ones currently not available at Naugletacos or anywhere else.

Who has the Original NaugleTacos Recipes?

Neither of these litigants have the original family recipes. How does Bill Naugle know? It’s simple. The sauces do not taste the same.

Del Taco changes the formulations for the sauce over the years. Most definitely the packaging is NOT the same.


Naugles Quiz

Take the challenge, if you dare!

Bill Naugle prepares a challenge quiz. Just in case, a Del Taco representative is up to the challenge. Or maybe the Naugletacos blogger is willing to test his knowledge. Please, just let Bill Naugle know!

Just think a Facebook Live Challenge Event easily settles this lawsuit dispute! Bill Naugle is realistic. He knows it will never happen. But the quiz is ready to go!

Are you up to the challenge? In addition, using a copy of the N Effect might help-LOL.

In conclusion, Bill Naugle is happy to administer the quiz via Facebook Live. Then let’s see if either party REALLY deserves the Naugle Family name and legacy!