The Real Naugle 1

The Real Naugle 1

Welcome to the Real Naugle Podcast. First thanks for visiting and taking the time to listen to our first podcast. Now let me set the record straight about the Real Naugle story.

The book “The N-Effect” tells the story of how Dick Naugle developed the Twin Kitchen concept. The design was no accident, it came from the experience of serving hundreds of thousands of customers.

Listen now to learn more!

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About the Author:

Bill Naugle
Bill Naugle began his life washing dishes, sweeping floors, and picking up trash in parking lots. Having worked his way through various levels of management, he migrated from restaurant, to finance, to outside sales of construction products, including becoming an ADA specialist, to finally a successful seller of new homes in the Austin, Texas area.

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  1. Sam Glass October 20, 2018 at 6:50 am - Reply

    Talk about memories….I was hired by Mr Naugle in 1965 at the Corona, Ca. Drive Thru. My evening shift manager was Jane Tate. She was a no nonsense manager in the mold of Mr Naugle. As you, I was motivated by Mr Naugles sincere effort to provide/
    serve the customer with a revolutionary new concept. Fresh, Fast, Friendly, was the Team Goal. Shortly after being hired my mother passed away in a tragic auto accident leaving eight children to fend for themselves. Never having a father during my childhood due to a divorce, my surrogate mother/father became the Del Taco family. Dick and Jane taught me the importance of individual initiative to accomplish a team goal. After a few months on the job it became apparent that I was an exceptionally motivated employee and they allowed me to be a ” floater “. Being a ” floater gave me the freedom to rotate from station to station to assist with any bottlenecks delaying drive thru / walk up service. I loved having the responsibilities they bestowed upon me. Grease traps, toilets, quick patio clean ups, and running the “Donkey” to vacuum up the parking lot, gave me a sense of value like I had never experienced as a child from a broken home. Before graduating High School, Mr Naugle, would let me go with him to open up new Del Taco’s during its early expansion days. I would help train the new High School employees. I remember, Mr. Naugle, was not happy with the rapid franchise expansion. He felt that quality of product/service would suffer. Mr Naugle, was then married to a lady from Germany, I believe. He had a step-daughter that also worked at the Corona Drive Thru. We were both attracted to each other, but, we were both very shy and never got to know each other off the job. I left Del Taco after High School graduation to become an apprentice carpenter….Big Mistake….Who knew making tacos would become a Billion Dollar Business? RICHARD NAUGLE!! To this day, I’ve never met anyone more focused on accomplishing a goal than Richard Naugle. When Mr. Naugle was on the job there wasn’t a lot talk, just a hole lot of coordinated action..I miss my Del Taco Days…Dick and Jane….I’ll always be grateful.

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