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Power of Influece

  • Unbridled Perseverance
  • Guided by Common Sense
  • Fueled by Desire and Simplicity
  • Unmatched Charity
  • Ultimate Dissapointment
  • Redemption

ISBN- 978-1-64255-937-8

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The N Effect

Meet the man who put the “fast” in fast food.  Despite never finishing fourth grade, Dick Naugle—or Naugle for short—was a pioneer of the fast food industry. The entrepreneur behind Del Taco and Naugles, he created the twin-kitchen concept, served the first 32-ounce wide-mouth soft drink, and built the first fast drive-through with an exterior speaker system that served an impressive three to four cars per minute. In addition to transforming the development of American-style Mexican food, Naugle left a lasting effect—the “N” effect—on both the industry and the lives of those who worked with him, especially his grandson, who learned about life and business firsthand from the man who called him “Sonny.”

Equal parts biography, business guide, and inspirational nonfiction, The N Effect is the chronicle of how one man had the keys to build an empire, yet lost it all. But most importantly, it is the deeply personal story of one man’s legacy and the bond between a grandfather and his grandson.

Dishing up business acumen and personal stores sprinkled throughout with gems of Naugle wisdom, The N Effect will inspire businessmen, restauranteurs, and champions of the human spirit. Anyone who serves the public “face-to-face” will benefit from the business model and practical advice contained in this book.

ISBN- 978-1-64255-937-8

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